Wednesday, January 19, 2011

7 Helpful Tips to Stop Hair Breakage and Have Healthier Hair

To stop hair breakage, avoid exposing your hair to harsh chemicals, regularly trim the ends of your hair, brush your hair only when half dry, keep your hair moisturized, minimize braiding your hair and using hair extensions, go easy on heat, and take vitamin C and E to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Harsh hair styles and improper care are often the culprit of hair breakage and every woman’s nightmare. Here are some useful tips that will help you avoid hair breakage and have the healthier hair you have always wanted:

1.Avoid exposing your hair to harsh chemicals. Chemicals used in perming, straightening, and coloring are harsh, causing hair damage and breakage. To minimize hair breakage, avoid exposing your hair to these chemicals. If you want to style your hair, make sure you keep your hair moisturized and regularly maintain treatments advised by your stylist, such as protein treatments and argan moroccan hair oil.

2.Regularly trim the ends of your hair. Hair experts also advise that you trim your hair every two to three months. This will help avoid split ends, which are also a form of hair breakage.

3.Brush your hair only when half dry. It is said that hair is in its weakest and most fragile state when wet. In this condition, your hair is prone to breakage. Brush only when your hair is halfway dry. You may also choose to use a comb when your hair is still wet, preferably with conditioner applied, to prevent hair from breaking.

4.Keep your hair moisturized. Hair breakage is brought about by dry and damaged hair. Another way to keep hair from breaking is to keep it moisturized. You can use protein treatments and conditioning systems to moisturize your hair. For best results, alternately use protein treatments with conditioners.

5.Minimize braiding your hair and using hair extensions. Braiding, tight cornrows, and using hair extensions are also factors that can lead to hair breakage. It is best to minimize such hair styles to avoid putting too much stress on your hair and causing breakage.

6.Go easy on heat. Frequent exposure to high heat can make your hair fragile, causing breakage. Make sure you go easy on flat and curling irons, as well as blow dryers, to prevent your hair from breaking. Avoid long exposure to the sun. If you play golf and do outdoor activities often, make sure you wear a hat or cap to protect your hair from damage.

7.Take vitamin C and E to keep your hair strong and healthy. Your hair reflects your health. Hair that breaks easily may also be caused by a lack of nutrients, which make it more fragile and prone to breakage. The final tip to avoid hair breakage is to take more vitamin C and E supplements to keep your hair strong and healthy.

The key to keeping your hair healthy and avoiding breakage is to make sure you give it proper care. Always listen to your stylist’s advice after hair styling. After all, if you care for your hair, its beauty will reflect on you.


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