Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 Equipment Financing Options That You Can Use for Your Business

Some useful equipment financing options for your business include funding from private finance companies, bank loans, and government loans.

Equipment financing can provide numerous benefits to a wide range of businesses, from small beauty shops to large manufacturing firms. These enterprises are given a finance source that they can use for purchasing equipment necessary for their business operations. Other benefits of equipment finance include tax benefits, a less interrupted and therefore stronger cash flow, and less debt. If you are considering equipment finance, make sure that you are well aware of the contract details and the obligations involved. There are several equipment financing options available and you should choose the one that is appropriate for your business’s situation and needs.
  • Funding from private finance companies
There are several equipment manufacturers that have ties with private finance companies. These private finance groups offer loan and lease applications for the manufacturer’s customers. One advantage of equipment funding from private finance companies is that the arrangement may include special programs like a payment free period or reduced interest rates offered especially for the equipment manufacturer’s clients. Additionally, because these private groups specialize in equipment financing, they are able to offer advice regarding the different leasing or borrowing options available. They may also help in determining whether the quality of used equipment can qualify for the loan. The quality of the equipment is important not only for you as the user, but also for the lender because, in the event that you default on the borrowing arrangement, the lender will have to sell the equipment to recover the amount loaned you. If the equipment’s value is lower than the loan or lease amount, the lender is put at a disadvantage.
  • Bank loans
Most large banks offer financing options tailored especially for businesses. Banks have similar goals as private financing groups, but they will lend to borrowers on the basis of whether the borrower qualifies for their loans regardless of where the equipment is purchased. You can inquire at the different banks in your area and make sure to compare the different rates and deals to find the best one for your business. Additionally, local banks may be better acquainted with the the local business environment, and may be able to give you better advice as to what equipment to purchase or where the best used equipment deals are.
  • Government loans
Some government agencies may offer equipment financing for businesses. You might have to submit requirements and financial projections that will prove that the additional equipment will help improve the business’s operations and financial standing. In some cases, if you are able to show that the equipment purchase will allow you to retain employees or create more job opportunities, you may be able to qualify for loans with lower interest rates through your local economic development agency.

The right equipment can improve your business operations and profitability. And having the right equipment financing option will make it possible for you to invest in these assets without any debilitating effects on your financial capacity.


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