Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Feel Fantastic in Every Day of the Week

Fight the temptation to throw yourself lying on a couch and there throughout the autumn through the following methods that will give you energy and vitality every day.

Here’s how it should look a weekly program for your revitalization:
1.Monday Rest more! Give up things that you feel are too important and try to sleep more. Let in little light in the room. In the morning it’s nice to be waked up by the sun not only terrible alarm. Put your clock to ring before 5 minutes before time when you should have time to wake up longer nap! Take a shower gel lemon scent to revive you. Do not sleep with the TV or computer turned on you will not be rested.
2.Tuesday Watch what you eat to more energy. Do not drink a great coffee when you wake up, but drink it 3-4 times throughout the morning. Eat breakfast, preferably eggs, toast, milk and a banana. Between meals you can eat nuts, apples and bananas give you energy. Drink plenty of water. Avoid a lunch high in calories because you will feel tired afterwards. Say NO to chocolate, carbonated drinks and spicy food.
3.Wednesday Towards the middle of the week you feel tired and yet there’s already a long way over the weekend. Try to organize, if you have children give them work to have everyone in the house work. Avoid talking too much on the phone with friends who always complain, find an excuse. Shoot more than a nap. Write on a sheet of paper that you had lately achievements. Make your weekend plans to wait it blown.

4.Thursday Exercise will make you get in shape throughout the day; you will feel very good if you have no time to even ride service will help you. When you arrive at the office would be good to get up from his chair every hour. Get more doses of fresh air, you wake up more easily. In the afternoon you are allowed to work if you can relax listening to music.
5.Friday you can afford a longer lunch break with colleagues. You have the opportunity to socialize more, and a hearty laugh after a hard week of work. Then you go out for a beer, but eat something before, not too much spending city. Only if you cook every night it’s time to take a break. Order menu choice and pan aside!
6.Saturday’s day of fun! Try not loafing too much that will surprise you next week at the same level. Define some priorities for Saturday does not give importance to every detail. In the evening, can you spoil a romantic dinner or a nice club.
7.Sunday is the Sabbath day by definition. And if you stay longer in bed should be shown to you and sex, will be fit after. Opt for activities that make them out. It is important that autumn and winter when vitamin D levels in the body is very low to leave the house to fight depression. Charge your batteries with a movie or reading the newspaper. Go to sleep earlier than usual to be refreshed in the new week.

On an Unrelated note:
I did it! :) 


  1. Excellent advice! I will try it.

  2. Great tips and awesome picture, I'm sure jetsking behind a jet is a good way to start the week.

  3. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Those are really good ideas! I think I shall try this starting next week!

  4. sugar likes it..kissy kissy..;)

  5. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Very good tips for each day of the week, though there are some errors in the text.
    That tip about exercising and getting more fresh air is especially important.

    Oh, and congratulations on winning that National Novel Writing Month award!

  6. Indeed that guy from the picture must be feeling so awesome

  7. More rest is always nice and we should all take time out for it when it's needed.

  8. Where does this program come from?

  9. Sunday's advice applies to me

  10. Great info here thanks :)