Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blu-Ray DRM Cracked

Monday, January 22, 2007
Blu-Ray DRM Cracked

Pirate The plaintext exploit used to partially crack HD-DVD a couple of weeks ago was brought to bear on Blu-Ray by the same gents this weekend—and it worked a treat.

"We need to kick DRM in the butt!" declares the sigfile of Doom9 forum poster Janvitos, launching his inspection of the format. And that they do, with muslix64 delivering the killing blow:

"Oups, I did it again! ... In less that 24 hours, without any Blu-Ray equipment, but with the help of Janvitos, I managed to decrypt and play a Blu-Ray media file using my known-plaintext attack ... I will keep you informed If I found anything new..."

Noting that this isn't a complete solution, but "merely" a successful breach on the DRM curtain wall of AACS encryption (and not the inner keep of BD+ copy protection) a pre-alpha version of "BackupBluRay V0.01" is available for crazy experimenter types: caveat replicator.

Decrypting Blu-Ray [Doom9 forums via Fosfor Gadgets]

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