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Why Developing ‘Awareness’ is Critical To Your Success


The Stepping Stone to all Good Things

There one quality that's appealed to me whenever I see it in another person. No it's not money, looks, or fame, as shallow as some of you think I really am. It's actually 'awareness.'
By 'awareness' I'm not saying that people who have this trait are like Meer kats and can spot a predator a mile away (even though that may be a desirable trait), but by awareness I mean somebody who is aware about everything about themselves and others.
People who possess awareness are aware of who they are, where their life stands and their own emotions. They are aware of how they come across in front of other people, what another person is feeling and they are aware of the consequences of the decisions they make. People who are aware are aware of the important things in life.
Without cultivating awareness in your life you will find it hard to achieve any of your dreams in life. It's the first stepping-stone to success, greatness, better relationships and most importantly an awesome life.

Why Do You Need Awareness?

If you are on this site and you are still reading these words then I think you and I are similar in that we both have a degree of awareness. You wouldn't be here if you weren't. You're here because you are aware that either your life isn't as you want it now or you are seeking improvement in it. You are aware of where you are now and where you want to go. And that's good.
There are a lot of people in modern society who are going about their everyday lives with a lack of awareness regarding their own lives. They aren't aware that they are wasting much of their lives watching endless reality TV, eating too much junk food and not paying attention to focusing on how they could spend their time better.
The one quality that all people have who are either in personal development or on the path to making a better life, is that they are aware that their life isn't how they want it or that they want it to be something better. You are aware of where you are and you're on this site to learn how you can live a better life. You are aware of what your current situation is and you are seeking answers. Awareness is the first quality you need.
The people who are living their lives without paying attention to the quest of how to live a fulfilling life aren't aware that they are wasting time. Without awareness you cannot start to make your way to your dreams because you don't even know where you are to start off with. Similarly, if you have problems in your life you cannot begin to fix them unless you are first aware that there is a problem.
As I said, being aware is where it all begins.

Awareness & Relationships

Awareness doesn't only initiate growth within, but it also it one of the key components to cultivating great relationships time and time again. One thing that never fails to create strong relationships is putting yourself in the shoes of another person. As you meet more and more people you can develop the skill of automatically getting in tune with another person very quickly. When I first meet somebody the one thing I try to do is to get in tune with the other person and understand them. I try to be aware of what kind of person they are, how they think and what appeals to them. When you become more aware of how you are coming across in front of other people, you can save yourself ever crossing the line with one of them because you know what makes them tick.

Awareness Keeps You On Your Path

Being constantly in a state of awareness will ensure that you notice at all times whether you are deviating from your true path. People who are not aware on a regular basis can go so far off track that when they do become aware, they have gotten so far off track that there's a mountain to climb to get things back to how they want it. This is similar to when people realise that they have wasted their entire lives but it's too late to do anything about it. On the other hand somebody who is aware of their life, relationships and health will tend to be in alignment with their goals for each area because they pay so much attention to them regularly.
In addition when you are aware you always can prevent things happening before they've even happened. Take for example in a relationship, if someone is aware they constantly are assessing the situation and are quick to register if something is wrong. Having at least one person who is sensitive to the change in climate can save a relationship or always make sure their family and their relationships are sailing in the right direction.

Can you Cultivate Awareness?

I believe you can cultivate awareness, it may take time to actually fine tune the degree of your awareness but by attempting to be aware is a great first step to increasing it. When you're in a situation where you should be aware and then you notice it, then you are being aware. If you can free up your own mind with things that are of no importance to you and focus your attention on your life, you've already begun increasing your awareness.

Is Awareness All I Need for an Awesome Life?

As with most things in life, you simply cannot have one trait then expect everything else in life to conveniently fall into place. Possessing awareness in isolation is not enough. For example what would the point be of having awareness but never acting upon or changing anything you are aware of? In some instances there are some people who are very aware but they negate this wonderful trait by counteracting their awareness by lacking honesty or indulging in constant rationalization. Some people are aware that they have a problem or that their life isn't what they want it to be but they can't be honest with themselves that a problem exists. They put it to one side and deny the truth; a lot of the time they do this via rationalization.

Action Steps

If you want to become more aware then you may want to try these simple techniques out.
Get a piece of paper and a pen, and write down your most important areas of your life. Next write down the important questions that you need to ask yourself in each area; 'What are you feeling now?' What is your situation? Are you on the right course in your life? Then everyday at the same time look at your questions and ask yourself these questions. As time goes by you'll begin to be asking your most important questions that mean the most to you on a regular basis without having to be prompted.
Remember awareness is first step to making a great life for yourself.

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