Sunday, February 19, 2012

The 3 C’s to Managing Your Focus


Clear Focus, Clean Cuts & Change Channels

Today I want to share some tips on how to improve your productivity and focus via the three-way concept of Clear Focus, Clean Cuts and Change Channels.
Sounds interesting doesn't it?
Well fortunately for you if you can't hold in your excitement for much longer I'm about to reveal each of them in order.

1. Clear Focus

The whole idea of Clear Focus is learning the art of channeling your focus on your most valuable task without deviating from it until it is completed. I know what you're thinking. "Well duh! I knew that before".
Clear Focus isn't really the completion of tasks it's how you maintain your focus. The rule says that when you're working on your most valuable task and you lose your focus, you must bring yourself back onto the task without any judgment. Don't get angry, don't get frustrated just calmly get back to what you were first doing. When you realize you're off on a tangent, thinking about something else or your inner butterflies have taken over, it's important to continue with what you were initially doing.
This practice is similar to meditation where if you notice that you've lost your focus or you mind has drifted away, you simple bring yourself back to the present moment. Over time as you learn to be in the present moment for longer periods the effectiveness of your meditation improves. This is the same effect you'll get from learning to focus. As you learn to focus clearly, your effectiveness and productivity will increase.

 2. Clean Cuts

Clean Cuts means being able to totally detach yourself from a task, a situation or a chore when it is over. It means you 'cut clean' from the task when it's done, you stop thinking about it and you move on to the next task at hand. For example if you've set yourself 1 hour a day writing time on your latest book you are authoring, then once the hour is up you stop writing, stop thinking about it and move on and Change Channels (explained in next point). Another example is when your mind begins to drift and think about the wrong things at the wrong times. For instance, do you ever find when you are at work you think about what you should be doing when you are at home, and when you are at home you think about what you should be doing at work? If you do, then a Clean Cut is necessary here. When you leave work you should cut clean and forget about it when you are at home. Learning to 'cut clean' from each of you tasks will improve your focus on what's important.

3. Change Channels

Changing Channels means learning to change the 'type' of activity that you do after each of your most valuable tasks because it will increase productivity by ensuring that all your human needs are being met. The three human needs are the emotional, mental and the physical. So if you've spent the last 2 hours working on your business (mental) then you should next 'change channels' and move onto something emotional or physical. For instance you could workout for an hour (physical) or spend time with friends or family (the emotional). Through Changing Channels you are ensuring that each of your three important areas are being met. This leads to a greater sense of satisfaction, better mood and increased productivity.
If you can learn to add the idea of Clear Focus, Clean Cuts and Change Channels into your daily life, you'll notice an increase in your productivity and your ability to focus over time.

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