Sunday, January 15, 2012

8 Ways Exercise is Your Money-Saving Ally

beach jogging 8 Ways Exercise is Your Money Saving Ally

    Optimal health will save you thousands on medical, food and commuting costs

    Trust me when I say that there are several ways that exercising will help you save more money, for example:

    1. Lower your dental costs

    When you exercise; you tend to eat better as well. The two really go hand in hand. It's no coincidence that the waistlines of American's tend to rise with the amount of fast food, snack food and soda consumption. These foods also do drastic damage to your teeth, which are constantly battling to stay pearly white despite being attacked by poor diet—and the bacteria and daily wear that goes along with it. The Journal of American Dental Association recommends a healthy, well-balanced diet filled with leafy greens, lean protein-rich meats, and most importantly, calcium-rich dairy in addition to maintaining a regular teeth cleaning regime for saving thousands in dental costs in the long run. Because cosmetic dentistry is really expensive!

    2. Exercise will boost your confidence

    Your self-esteem is also in direct relation to how self-confident you feel. Those who believe they look good are less afraid to seek the partners, jobs and salaries they deserve. If you value yourself highly, naturally project confidence and do a good job—your boss will notice and ensure you stay with the company.

    3. Ditch the expensive diet products

    Once you start seeing results after you've been exercising and eating right for a few weeks, and you will, you can ditch the expensive and dangerous fad diet products, pills and shakes.

    4. No more binge eating

    When I used to have a bad day at work, I used to stop on my way home at this little cupcake shop around the corner and treat myself—to half a dozen! Once you start exercising you will crave processed, sugary foods and fatty foods less often, and that will result in mega savings.

    5. Less visits to your doctor

    As your health improves with regular exercise you will naturally visit your doctor less often. Why? Exercise and healthy eating strengthens your body and your mind. This means that you'll be less prone to illnesses like the flu, less prone to stiff backs, knees and headaches, and less prone to depression. This could save you thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime on medical costs and prescription drugs.

    6. You'll spend less when shopping

    It's basic math—larger people need larger clothing and many stores charge more for additional fabric used in the making of clothing. It's also more difficult to find clothing as an obese person, so you're stuck shopping in a few high-priced, specialty stores.

    7. No need for fake highs

    Exercise gives the body and mind a natural high—so you'll no longer crave things like alcohol, drugs and "comfort foods" such as chocolate, pizza, cake, fries, etc.

    8. You'll save on commuting

    Instead of driving my car to work or for errands, I either hop on my bike or I walk. Not only does this save me a ton of gas money—it also energizes me for the day and burns calories.


    1. Interesting tips!

    2. Exercise products never work. I need to run more

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      I like #7

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    5. My girlfriend is big on the fad diet pills and snacks. I keep trying to tell her its a big waste of money. I'm just glad she doesn't actually buys them but whines about wanting them.

    6. how true! so many benefits to exercising...I am living proof!
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