Friday, January 27, 2012

3 Reasons Why Ugly Profile Pictures Rule

The Storm of the Pseudo Profile Picture

Like many people I always 'umm' and 'ahh' concerning which profile picture of myself I should put up on the latest social networking site. Haven't we all spent an age choosing which is the best picture we should put up? It's something that deserves a lot of time and attention – after all everyone we know is going to see it.
However, I've always had a much different view on what type of profile pictures we should be putting up in general. I've often thought about this question in my spare time and have had many debates (with myself) about what the perfect profile picture is. I'm not talking about specifics such as a head shot versus a full body, or whether I should put up my latest nude shot versus a clothed shot.  I'm focusing on how attractive a picture of myself I should put up. I go totally against the grain, and the world, but when I put up a profile picture of myself, I don't look for the one where I look my best – I put up the picture where I look my worst. And I do it with pride.
I know what you're thinking 'How does that work?"
Well it doesn't really 'work'; I just think it makes much more sense to put up a bad picture of yourself than a good one. And for the rest of the article I am going to explain why.

1. Putting Up Your Best Picture is the same as Lying

Have you ever looked at a profile picture of someone you know and you instantly thought to yourself that they've put up a picture where they look much better than normal? In other words they look much more attractive in the picture than in reality. It's strange but there's always a picture where even the most ugly looking person (such as myself) can look stunning. It's all about camera angles and lighting at the end of the day. It's really obvious when you come across one of these 'pseudo' profile pictures and this is one reason I prefer to put up an ugly picture. By putting up your best picture you may think you've fooled everyone that you always look like the person in the photo, but have a good think about that. How many of the people who are going to see your picture know what you truly look like?
In many ways too, the person who has put up the picture also knows that the picture is not a true reflection of what they look like. How can they sleep at night?

2. Ugly Photo's Are Modest

If you're good looking and you put up a picture where you look crap, people will think you're modest. Similarly when you already look crap and you put up a picture where you look even more crap, people will still think you're modest. I love modesty, which is why you should seek to please me, by only using the ugliest profile picture you can find.

3. You Will Never Cause Disappointment with an Ugly Photo

Just imagine you belong to a dating site and you've found someone you think is the one for you, the profile bio is good and the person in the picture is very very attractive. So you arrange the date to meet up. The night comes and you meet. As you wait for your date some weird looking person walks up to you and introduces himself or herself to you. Then you realize – oh… the Pseudo Profile picture strikes again. Your date is in fact much less attractive than in the picture you saw. You can see that it is the same person in the photo, it's just that you've somehow met in a reality where everything turns 'ugly.'
I believe that if you put up an ugly picture of yourself and then you meet somebody for the first time (that person has only seen your profile picture) then you can only pleasantly surprise the other person because they were expected to meet someone uglier than you really are. If somebody sees a Pseudo profile picture of yourself before meeting you, then you will only disappoint that person when they realize that you look nothing like the person in the picture. Be aware of this point as it is also useful in other instances outside of social networking such as interviews.
So there you have it, three reasons why ugly pictures rule. Okay, now that I'm done I've boarded up all my windows and doors so you can now proceed to pelt me with eggs, water bombs and your ugly profile pictures. If you want to take a shot please do so via the comments section.

Please do note that this post is only a bit of fun and may not be reflective of reality outside of my own mind. Also to any animal lovers out there, I am not implying that the monkey in the picture is ugly.


  1. Your logic is undeniable.

  2. All I ever use is cat pictures and stupid things I find online. I refuse to use an actual picture for a display.