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Restart Your Life: 7 Lies to Defeat First

restart life Restart Your Life: 7 Lies to Defeat FirstNeeding a restart in life?
If you ever watch Olympic track and field events, then you know that sometimes officials have to restart a race because one of the runners jumped the gun or otherwise messed up.
This happens in life too.  You might find yourself in a place where you have to start over.  Maybe it wasn't even your fault, but nevertheless you are still back at the starting line.
This can be a difficult place to be.  It can foster self-doubt, anxiety and worry.  These cracks in your confidence can let  damaging lies creep in and take hold.  A good, fresh start requires you to defeat these falsehoods.

7 Common Lies We Need to Defeat

These lies keep us from starting out strong again.  They hold us back and mire us in a sucking muck that is like quicksand.  You absolutely must defeat these lies before you can restart your life in a strong and positive position.
Here are the seven common lies we need to defeat:

Lie #1 – I can't do that

Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right."  That's why this lie is the first one on my list of negative thoughts that you simply must overcome.  What you think of yourself is truly powerful.  If you think you can't, then you are more likely to give up sooner or fail to start all together.  I'm a firm believer that you have what it takes.  Now, you just need to convince yourself of the same.

Lie #2 – I always mess things up

Being back at the starting line in life can lead one to believe this lie even when you aren't really at fault.  Whether you made a mistake in this instance or not, you need to get your mind straight about yourself.  You don't always mess things up.  There have been plenty of things that you've done right.  I'd suggest making a written list of the things you've done right in your life.  Writing it out will give you a place to go back to when doubts start creeping in again.

Lie #3 – Nothing ever goes my way

This is a victim mentality that you must put away immediately.  It is okay to feel sorry for yourself in the beginning.  You have to grieve your loss.  But, in fairly short order, you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on.  Life is not out to get you.  Believing that it is will only sink you further in the hole (one you may never escape if you let it go on too long).  You may have been dealt a bad hand, but that's over now.  Even though you may be going through a bleak period, you've got to remember that bad times do not last forever.  Life has its seasons.  If you are going through a difficult period, remember, things will turn.  You need to get ahold of some positive thoughts and cling to them for all you're worth.

Lie #4 – It is selfish to follow my dreams

Everyone deserves the opportunity to seek fulfillment.  It is not selfish to pursue things that you desire.  The people in your life may have to bend a little to accommodate you.  This is completely okay.  Healthy relationships and families need to be able to exercise some give and take.  As a part of your restart, it is not at all selfish for you to ask for some flexibility from those around you.  Now, please don't get me wrong here.  I'm not giving you permission to run away from all your responsibilities.  I'm just saying that it is a lie to think that you have to be miserable or that you are selfish to ask others for their support.  There is a way to follow your dreams AND to fulfill your other commitments.  You may have to be creative in how you go about it, but if you are diligent, you will find a way.

Lie #5 – I need to make them pay

Sometimes, when a person has to start over, they feel the need to get revenge on the party (or parties) that might have played a role in their current predicament.  This is completely fruitless.  In fact, it is entirely counterproductive and a total waste of time.  If you feel like you need to make someone else pay for your situation, then you are believing a lie.  Your energy and focus right now should be on how you can most effectively restart your life.  Nursing bitter feelings and/or planning retaliation will drain you of vital energy and could likely only compound your troubles.  Get over it.  Let it go.  Purge your mind clean of all this nonsense.  Trust me, it will lighten your load and do you good to just move on.

Lie #6 – I can't do what I want in this economy

This has got to be one of the most pervasive lies out there right now.  Everyone seems to want to blame every bad circumstance in their life on the economy.  The reality is that external factors are rarely the insurmountable obstacles we make them out to be.  Usually, we just fail to change and adapt to the new realities around us.  You may have to go about things a little differently.  You may need to put a new twist on an old idea.  You may have to make adjustments both personally and professionally, but you can survive and even thrive in this economy or any other.  Don't let this lie stop you!

Lie #7 – I should just take it easy

Finally, when faced with starting over, you may find yourself procrastinating.  One way this occurs is by making excuses for yourself.  For example, you may cling to the lie that you've been through a lot lately and you deserve to take it easy for awhile.  While it is usually a good idea to "cool off" after a major life change before making any big decisions, don't let this become a cop-out.  Your opportunities for starting over are probably best right now.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get yourself back in the game.  Do not let fear, lies and excuses hold you back.

Kick the Lies and Restart Your Life

Restarting your life isn't easy.  The first battle you have to win is in your own head.  My best advice to you is to seek as many positive inputs as you can to squeeze out all the lies.  Your brain tends to believe whatever it hears.  If you can drowned out the negative self-talk with a lot of encouraging, uplifting and reassuring messages, then you will be well on your way to defeating these lies and to creating a new you.

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