Monday, December 19, 2011

How Your Dog Can Help You Drop 15 Pounds

dog exercise How Your Dog Can Help You Drop 15 Pounds
Want an easy way to drop 15 pounds?
A new study done by the University of Missouri-Columbia says by walking the dog for just 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week you can lose an average of 14 pounds.
This is the ideal win-win situation for both you and your beloved dog. A 140 pound woman, will burn about 70 calories for just 20 minutes of dog walking. Add in a few of the "boosters" below and your calorie burn will jump and the pounds will fall off even faster.
Not only can dog walking, or any exercise with your dog, help you shed the pounds, but it can also increase your overall health. A combination of exercise and a lower body weight will lower blood pressure, increase mental sharpness and lower the risk of heart disease.

5 Boosters to Weight Loss During a Dog Walk

Everyone wants to drop a few extra pounds and here are 5 easy things to do on your walk to increase the calorie burn.

1.  Throw the Pounds Away

When you stop at the park to play fetch, throw the ball or toss a Frisbee, jog to your next throwing location. Each time run to a further location. This is a classic version of interval training. After a 30 minute dog park trip, you will be winded and your dog will be ready for nothing more than a few spins in the bed before they curl up for a nap.

2. Let Your Dog Pull the Calories Off You

Play some tug-o-war! This might not work so well with a toy poodle, but if you have a larger breed dog this is a great way to do some quick strength training as you pull and tug the rope from Rover. Try using just your left arm then your right varying your workout.

3. Never Stop for a Red Light

Work in 10 sit-ups, jumping jacks or push ups when you are held up at a light rather than just standing around waiting for the 'walk' signal. These quick exercises will get your blood pumping and raise your heart rate, increasing your calorie burn. After your jumping jacks, if you can manage, try breaking out into a run for a block or two. The sit ups, push ups and/ or jumping jacks will keep your heart rate up and boost you into a 'fat burning' range.

4. Roll Your Way to a Healthier You

Bring back the 1990's and dig those rollerblades out of the closet and get ready for a fun way to burn some calories. If running takes its toll on your knees, rollerblading burns nearly as many calories and your dog will have their work cut out for them as you 'blade' along the pavement. Grab your Discman and embrace the decades gone by.

5. Sprint to Your Next Weigh-In

Running is the obvious choice to do with your furry friend. Jogging is the ideal calorie burner and it will put up the biggest challenge for your dog as well. If you are up for a real challenge try beating your dog for a block long sprint. Don't forget that your pooch doesn't sweat, so when they start panting they need to stop for a drink of water and catch their breath. Don't worry dogs are quick at recovering, so they will be ready for the next sprint probably even before you are!

Walk Your Way to Complete Fitness

That's not all you can do to shape up and drop the pounds, here are some more great quick mini-workouts to firm up even further on your dog walk. Want another quick tip? Do your dog walk before dinner and take one of these tasty energy bars with you. Not only will you get a tasty snack and energy boost for your walk, but you will not be starving and overeat at dinner.


  1. Another piece of proof that pets are good for you.

    Adopt one today!

  2. I completely agree, my dog keeps me getting out in the fresh air. Making him happy by walking and playing with him makes me happy.

    Just curious... what is your source for these articles or do you write them?

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