Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let Go of Your Fears: Learn The Art of Public Speaking

If you feel hesitant in standing up and having your say, follow the following basic, simple steps and be ready to stand up and speak.

Be Confident. Whenever you want to say something in a group of people or you are on stage, feel confident. Imagine that you are the smartest of all of them present there, which is why at the moment you are speaking and they are listening. Don't think what they would think about you. Have confidence in your ability and your words and think it is better that they have an opinion about you than you speak nothing and they have no opinion about you. If you do not agree with the general conclusion of the group, feel happy that you are not the crowd. That you have your own voice and a different opinion.
If you are not confident of your language, let it be. Concentrate on your thoughts and let them flow. If your thoughts are right, they will go in the right direction even if you choose not-so-right words.
Imagine you are on the world stage. Whenever I was on the stage to deliver a speech or to participate in a debate, I always thought that I am on the world stage. I would think that this speech of mine is going to be terrific and it would make news headlines and I would be the next world leader.
Feel that this is the opportunity that will let you voice your opinion. Who knows someone out there hears your views and falls in love with you. Or simply gives you an offer of employment or better still, asks you to be his mentor!
Say the right thing. This one is the key.
If you are sure you are saying the right thing, you would never be afraid to speak even in front of millions of people because you know you are saying it right.
Don't just speak for the heck of it. But do speak, when you know what you are talking about and when you feel that others should listen to you on this.

Read and stay aware. Spread awareness around. So, speak up. If you know something, let others also know. Just do it politely. Polite is usually right!

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