Monday, October 24, 2011

Make Your Own Age-Defying Cream

The base formula for Wonder Creme only uses two basic ingredients. 
I share suggestions of ingredients to add to bolster its effectiveness 
or to customize it for specific needs at the end of this post. The recipe 
is easily increased or decreased, so you can make a tiny amount or 
a huge amount based on need. It is best used within six weeks if not 
kept in the refrigerator, so plan accordingly when choosing how much 
to make. When making your own facial and body products, please 
use fresh ingredients and please thoroughly cleanse your work space 
and all containers and utensils used. Wiping everything with an alcohol 
wipe or with a bit of Tea Tree Essential Oil is a good way to ensure 

Wonder Creme 

  1. Two Parts Liquid Oil (1 cup)
  2. One Part Aloe Vera GEL (1/2 cup) 
When choosing which oil to use,
use the following guidelines.

Jojoba Oil: One of my favorite oils. 
Jojoba oil is actually a wax that is 
liquid at room temperature. Jojoba is known to be anti-inflammatory 
and to be mildly antimicrobial. One amazing fact about Jojoba oil is 
that its chemical structure almost exactly matches that of the skin's 
own sebum, making it a very healing oil that is readily absorbed and 
which penetrates many layers of the epidermis. In my experience, 
Jojoba oil is great for reducing wrinkles but is also a "safe" oil to use 
in moderation with acne due to its antibacterial properties. It is a great 
"go to" oil for any skin type, but it also known to be a great oil for use 
on the hair. (If you want to pamper yourself, use Jojoba as a hot oil 
hair treatment.) Jojoba oil is very easily absorbed, but is a bit heavier 
than other oils. I love to use it straight or as a bath oil or in creams 
during the winter to keep my skin moisturized. 

Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed is a much lighter oil than Jojoba but 
is still very easily absorbed. It is known to be a very soothing oil 
and to have mild anti-inflammatory properties. It is high in Vitamin 
E, Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants. Grapeseed is known to be 
highly moisturizing, is known to help repair the cell structure of the 
skin, and is known to be great for acne because it is lightly 
astringent. It is commonly used in products for older or damaged 
skin. It is a great oil to use during the summer months because it 
is so light.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Meadowfoam Seed Oil is an amazing 
oil. It penetrates more layers of the epidermis than almost any other 
oil. This makes it a wonderful choice for carrying healing herbal 
extracts or essential oils into the skin. Meadowfoam Seed Oil 
is known to be extremely high in antioxidants and to contain an 
extremely high amount of fatty acids. It is known to be wonderfully 
healing and regenerating.

Shea Butter: Shea Butter is solid at room temperature, so be 
aware that it will need to be melted over VERY LOW heat before 
being blended into the cream. (Shea Butter will crystallize if 
heated to too high a temp, so please heat very, very gently in 
a double-boiler. It liquifies in contact with the skin, so it doesn't 
take much heat to get it soft enough to blend.) Shea Butter is 
amazingly emollient and has been used in Africa for thousands 
of years to reduce wrinkles, heal cracked skin and as a barrier 
to protect the skin from damaging products. The unrefined 
variety has the most healing properties, but also has a slight 
smoky odor. The odor is easily covered by essential oils, but 
be aware that using Shea Butter will impart a very slight odor 
to the product if essential oils are not added.

Combine oil (melted if using a solid oil) and aloe vera gel in a
glass container. Blend using a fork to whisk the ingredients
together. In about five minutes, the consistency will change
to a consistency resembling apple sauce of watery tapioca
pudding. If adding other ingredients, add them at this stage.
Continue whipping product. After about five more minutes,
the product will suddenly transform into a gorgeous white,
fluffy cream. Transfer to a clean container (glass preferred)
and store for up to six weeks. (The preservative in the aloe
vera gel will help inhibit bacterial growth.) Trust me that this
cream will receive rave reviews if you give it in a decorative
container as a holiday gift.

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