Tuesday, February 08, 2011

How to Make the Laws of the Universe Work in Your Favor

Have you ever had something that you really, really wanted fall unexpectedly into your lap?
Did you think it was a coincidence?
Have you ever noticed that, that seems to happen to some people, all the time?
Is that a coincidence?
Let’s find out:

The Law of Attraction
You might have heard of this before, it is quoted often, but if you are like me (who just recently learned what it really is about) you never completely grasped its power.

85 % of all communication is your body language
The Law of Attraction states that whatever you “ask the universe for, with passion, will be given” if you ask enough.
The reason for this is that when you can visualize something and can see it in your life you start to send out those signals with your body language, the way you talk, the way you act and the opportunities you see and react to.
Before long you will get an idea, be presented with an opportunity or in some other fashion get what you “asked for”.

Take action at once on inspiration
This is the second step of the process. When you get an opportunity or an idea that will move you towards your goals, you need to take action at once. If you wait your chances of success will quickly diminish.
The longer you wait the less a chance you have. Because of this, if you learn to react quickly when inspiration strikes you will succeed a lot more often.

You can ask for anything
This truly works for anything. I have heard dozens of stories about people visualizing and asking for a parking space at the entrance of a crowded mall. For some reason they always seem to get a spot right next to the door.
It works for business:
You ask for a particular result and all of a sudden inspiration strikes and you get the idea that changes everything. If you act at once you can make it reality and succeed.
I met my wife by using this law:
When I was 14 years old I decided I wanted a girlfriend, I had very little luck with women, mostly because of my confidence.
But one day I decided, “Next Tuesday I will have a girlfriend!”
I told my friends, but they just laughed and asked, how are you going to accomplish that. I had no idea how; I just knew that I would find a great girl.
Next Monday I had a baseball game and my friend, another player on the team, had brought a friend. An extremely attractive girl, way out of my league. We started talking though and really hit it off.
We went on a date the next day and today she is my wife!
You should have seen the look of surprise on my friends faces when they met her.

Don’t be afraid to ask
The worst thing that can happen if you ask is that you don’t get it. The best, is that you do. Don’t be afraid to try it out.
Remember it can take a couple of months before inspiration strikes, depending on what you ask, but if you really want it enough, it is worth the wait.

This technique has worked for thousands of individuals for hundreds of years.
Visualize what you want, feel yourself in possession of it, feel the sense of fulfillment, of happiness and take action as soon as inspiration strikes.


  1. seems pretty legit and interesting, nice post

  2. simple enough. it's the little things like these that can make things go in your favour.

  3. Sweet. It seems you've worked this all done to a science.