Friday, February 11, 2011

How To Channel Creativity At Any Time

Creativity is a lot like oil. Society needs it in ever increasing amounts, yet as time progresses it seems to be quickly diminishing. No matter who you are, or what you do, you need creativity. Many people, such as bloggers and artists, rely on creativity every day. However, few people know how to really channel creativity.

1. Creativity is a state of mind. Creativity isn’t some mysterious phenomenon that only happens every once in awhile. It’s a state of mind. Many people report that their creativity comes and goes, sometimes leaving for months at a time. This is because they only reach the state of mind responsible for creativity once every couple of months. Rather than relying on luck, why not take conscious control of this process? It’s possible to train yourself to achieve that state whenever you’d like.

2. Consciously manifest the creative state. I’ve found that my ability to be creative is directly correlated to the peace of mind and focus that I have in any given situation. Removing stress and distraction is key to channeling the creative state. Here are some of the things you should do when you really want to be creative:
  • Clear your mind and focus on what you want to create.
  • Eliminate as many distractions as possible
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to creativity
  • Feed yourself positive thoughts about what you are doing
  • Imagine the end result and let your subconscious do the real work
For example, I wanted this article to deliver a lot of value so I knew I had to be creative in how I went about writing it. Before starting, I closed my door and lit a candle. I then did a little meditation and relaxation. I visualized this article as being worthy of being read by many different people.
When I finally sat down at my computer, I felt a lot of positive energy surrounding what I was about to do. It was as if the words and sentences created themselves. I had channeled the creative state. This makes any creative endeavor you work on a breeze.

3. Love what you’re doing
If you find that you can’t be creative with what you’re doing, look at your thoughts and emotions. Are you feeling resentment or negativity? Do you have an attitude of “just getting it done?” Does it seem like it takes tremendous amounts of thought to create anything at all? If any of these are true for you, there’s a good chance you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing. When I’m really into my activity, everything will be fun and flowing. It may be that you’re just over thinking what you’re doing or being a perfectionist. If that’s true, then go to #2 and clear your mind and really get into things. On the other hand, you may already know that your heart just isn’t in it. Maybe you’re doing it for the money, or because your boss told you to. If that’s the case, you have to decide if inner inauthenticity and stress is worth whatever benefit you’ll eventually be given. More often than not, the best thing to do is to find something else you really love and work on that.

I hope this article helps you. After realizing creativity is merely a state of mind, you can learn to channel it. And of course the most important rule is, love what you do! Now go create! 

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  1. I thought I would open this post up to see a fat Blunt! Very insightful...nevertheless ;)