Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Simple Thing To Accomplish Anything You Want

Goals can be dirty little cockroaches; scurrying to the depths of darkness at the first sign of your surrender.
Fortunately, there is an easier way. You will manage your goals and move closer to the more capable, confident person you know you’re ready to be by breaking your bigger goals into smaller, more easily attainable mini-goals.

Any goal can be broken into its base components, with baby steps that mean fewer obstacles along the way, and a clearer view of your progress. 

Smashing Obstacles Will Strengthen Your Confidence. By taking a biggest goal and chunking it into smaller, bite-sized pieces, you immediately removed your largest obstacle. Many goals end up in the graveyard of intentions because they quickly become daunting and overwhelming. Once overwhelmed, it’s all too easy to throw in the towel, rather than leaping the hurdles that pave the road to triumph.
Breaking goals into baby steps also helps to eliminate unforeseen obstacles. When you break a project into tasks, you have the opportunity to see all the action steps that must be taken along the way to success.
When something’s out of alignment, it is easier to catch it and correct it, rather than getting frustrated somewhere along the way.

Consistent Progress Leads to Constant Confidence. Your body has a natural reaction to frustration. When you feel stuck, your mind starts searching for reasons to surrender. Smaller steps allow you to see your progress in a steady stream, breeding feelings of success rather than frustration. Stead progress helps you grow energized, motivated, and willing to do whatever must be done to reach the far side of “I did it!” Smaller steps give you more to look forward to along your winding road of accomplishment. Your brain is capable of remembering seven separate pieces of important information. Add an eighth, and one inevitably gets wiped from your brain’s hard drive. Problem is, you won’t know which one. Articulating the baby steps required to accomplish your goal will help you get your process down on paper (or on the screen) and out of your head, enabling you to focus on meeting your goal, rather than the many to-do’s that probably litter your day already.

Accomplishment = Confidence Fewer obstacles and steady progress will mean your accomplishments happen gradually rather than all at once. The more you accomplish, the more motivated you will become. Accomplishments release adrenaline and other chemicals which give you the “good” feeling, and that’s a feeling worth maintaining. You’re human; hard wired to shoot for the moon. Your lizard brain will love leaping a long life’s worth of hurdles as much as getting an A+ on your history paper. The key is in setting your mind to something, then making it happen.

You won’t accomplish the impossible if you don’t believe you can, but once you know you can do anything, breaking the difficult into many easy pieces will help you live a happier and more confident life (you know, the one you’ve been waiting to live!).


  1. excellent advice...thnx PC

  2. pretty intersting stuff here will keep checking in for more posts i like the whats goin on here =] cheers mate

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    Confidence is an important essence to everyday life!