Sunday, January 09, 2011

7 Effective Ways to Make Your Woman Happy

Making your woman happy is one way of making a relationship fulfilling for both of you. That’s right, when you make her happy, not only will the relationship become more harmonious, your partner will also make it a point to make you happy as well.
From small words of affirmation to grand gestures of love, there are many ways you can keep your woman happy.

1.Take time to understand her. Talk to your woman’s friends, family and the people who know her. It might be a good idea to talk to many people who share different kinds of relationships with her. By doing this you will get to know her personality better, what she likes and, most of all, her pet peeves. When you understand your woman, you can reach out to her better and improve your relationship with her.

2.Know your own strengths and weaknesses. Aside from taking time to understand the different facets of your woman’s personality, it is important to know your own strengths and weaknesses. Ask your own friends and family what they might say about you, your personality and behaviors. Observe what little annoying habits and attitudes you have that may be one of your partner’s pet peeves.

3.Improve your strengths and change your weaknesses. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is not enough. You can do something about these personality traits. Quit the annoying habits that you have and avoid your partner’s pet peeves. At the same time, improve your strengths and the positive things about your personality.

4.Appreciate her. Always make the effort to make your woman feel that she is appreciated. Tell her what you like about her; even the smallest words of appreciation can go a long way. When your woman feels appreciated, she will feel that you are happy to have her.

5.Tell her you love her. Learn to go out of your way to express your love for your woman. You can base your expression of love to your partner on her personality. If she loves surprises, plan a surprise date for her. Giving her gifts and simply telling her you love her can also work.

6.Listen. Listening may sound pretty simple, but a lot of men actually mistake it as passively hearing what their partner is telling them. Learn to actually pay attention to what your woman has to say. If you’re watching TV or reading the paper, momentarily set these things aside and listen. Ask relevant questions and remember the little details she tells you. All these things can make your woman feel that you actually care about what she tells you.

7.Keep your promises. Always try to make only promises that you can keep. When you plan a date, make every effort to follow through with it. If you tell your woman you are going to change a bad habit, change it. It can mean a lot to your partner if you actually do what you say.

Relationships need to be nurtured and valued. By making your partner happy, you are doing your part in making the relationship flourish.


  1. No offence, but all a guys needs to do is get me a game I want all I'm all good. Also to know that DnD time is my time and not to disturb my sessions......

  2. Yeah this is valid but I dont think it should be about how to make your woman happy. It should be both people behaving in this manner to create a better relationship. One person behaving in this manner gets exploited. Man or Woman, unless both people can make each other happy.

  3. you forgot the most important one, if you get my meaning

  4. every single way is very important, so true

  5. all good tips, but i can't apply them being single and all... do you think these would apply to a car? i promise my car maintenance, i promise it that i wont dive any other car, i listen to the engine, and i understand it by reading the repair manual... i improve strengths and weaknesses by upgrading parts.....