Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Choose Types of Fitness Equipment

Getting in shape and staying in shape should be your goal. Moreover, having the appropriate choice of  fitness equipment should be a top priority.  In order to make the right choices, here are six different types of fitness equipment that you might want to consider for your home gym: a treadmill, an exercise bike, an elliptical trainer, a rowing machine, a resistance equipment, and a strider.
The cost of purchasing a home exercise and fitness equipment may be initially more expensive as compared to a  gym membership fee. However, in the long run you will make tremendous savings on your money. A trip to a membership gym definitely spells a lot of cost in terms of gasoline expense. In fact, having your own set of fitness equipment right inside your home gym can also help you save a lot of time from having to travel regularly to and fro a membership gym. The question now lies on what type of fitness equipment should you acquire. Here are various home machines that you can choose from:
Treadmill is generally common in home gyms. It is ideal equipment for those who would like to do some aerobic exercises.  It is a low-impact exercising machine with a rotating belt wrapped on rollers placed inside a platform or deck. It has side rails and a platform that are supported by a console which is found at the front part of the machine. This equipment type is intended for walking, jogging and running exercises. It is one of the best exercise equipment that is capable of improving functions of both cardiovascular and respiratory systems in the body. It is also designed to to help maintain a healthy body weight. A treadmill exercise is more advisable since it lessens the possibility of a knee, ankle, or lower back strain.
-Exercise bike
Cycling is a great way to exercise. It intensely burns out calories, strengthens leg muscles, and provides cardiovascular benefits. An exercise bike is just the right equipment to achieve these health benefits. It is a recommended workout tool for beginners who are aiming to reduce weight. It is indeed one of the best equipment to be used for warm-up exercises. One should be mindful of the necessity for a warm-up before engaging into a more strenuous workout .
-Elliptical trainer
An elliptical trainer is most suitable for a whole body workout. This machine provides for a safer and more relaxed exercise activity. The lower and upper portions of the body are worked out without any stressful impact on the joints. This is an ideal tool for losing weight, toning the upper and lower muscle groups, and improving cardiovascular function.
-Rowing machine
A rowing machine is another effective fitness equipment designed to work on all major muscles in the body. This is a recommended machine for burning calories that works by increasing one’s heart rate during the use of this equipment. Employing a rowing machine can increase oxygen intake of the lungs  too. It can even strengthen muscle groups especially those on the upper and lower extremities. However, extra care in using this machine should be given utmost importance to prevent back and knees strains.
-Resistance equipment
A resistance equipment is best for doing resistance or strength training. The two most popular kinds of weight or resistance equipment are the free weights and multi-stations. Although, there are also other types such as jump ropes, toning tubes, stretch tubing, speed chutes, shoulder resistance harness, speed sled, rings, ankle or wrist weights, hand grips, weighted vests, and many more. Any of these would perfectly complement with other types of home aerobic exercise equipment. The purpose of a weight training machine is to use certain amount of resistance to counter the force of muscular contraction. These choices of equipment will greatly help in reducing weight, assist in adding and toning-up muscles, and aid in developing a better cardiovascular function .
A strider or stepper works just like a treadmill. It is a machine with two pedal-liked steps and two handrails. The stepper is most useful in burning calories and is even better than climbing a staircase since it has different resistance levels available. This exercise equipment is capable of toning the back, legs and the buttocks too.
More complex solutions involve various alternatives to Total Gym XLS and can be relatively inexpensive to acquire. In any case, your current weight and shape shouldn’t be a hindrance in achieving your desired figure. Simply aim to work out your body for a healthier you.


  1. What are your thoughts on resistance band systems?

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  3. I personaly think you'd rather pay for a gym card.

  4. I've got enough equipment I dont use :)

  5. I heard that it is best to have the treadmill on a 1-2% incline to imitate running outside and get more out of your workout

  6. I got a bike because it was cheaper, but I had the extra money to spare I think I'd go for an elliptical.

  7. I've found that the best thing for me is just weights pushups crunches and jogging. Seems to get everything nice and burned.

  8. How much do these cost?

  9. I have definitely encountered this issue before... I kinda want to get an exercise bike.

  10. Anonymous5:06 PM

    If I was buying equipment the only thing I would get is dumbbells and a bench press! Free weights are the best :D

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  12. Nice, I got the treadmill so far.. Would you recommend getting a benchpress too?