Monday, December 27, 2010

Do This For Your Mind And Your Days Will Be Better

Ever have one of those days when NOTHING seems to be going right? The bills are piling up, your boss is on your case, a co-worker won’t shut up about her lousy daughter-in-law, the kids are driving you nuts, and instead of helping, your spouse is also driving you nuts. You’ve had enough.
Here’s an awesome trick to change your mood.

Get up and get out. A change of scenery can instantly boost your mood. Sometimes our homes or offices just seem to press in all around us, suffocating us with a feeling of hopelessness. It’s all too easy to stay in a foul mood if you’re stuck. So get out. Take a walk – exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel better.
Not the walking type? Go for a drive. Getting out of your routine (and out of your home or office) will help you see things a bit differently. Maybe you’ll come up with a solution for a problem you’ve been stuck on. At the very least, you’re taking a little break in your day. Oftentimes, just getting outside and reminding yourself that there’s a whole big world going on outside of your sphere, helps you put things in perspective. Sometimes, though, you don’t have the luxury of leaving. Perhaps you’re stuck at work or you can’t leave the house because there are laws against leaving your kids alone. Whatever the case, it’s hard to change your perspective when you can’t change your scenery. Hard, but not impossible.

Here are some suggestions for instantly changing your mood no matter where you are:

Use props. What inspires you? Maybe it’s a trip to the Bahamas. Maybe it’s a loved one. Maybe it’s an item you cherish. Keep something nearby – a photo or a memento that you can use to remind yourself that the word’s not completely out to get you, and that things will get better.

Exercise. Just because you have a desk job, doesn’t mean you can’t get your body moving and your blood flowing. Try some of these exercises you can do at your desk.

Help someone else. Got a friend who needs to cry on your shoulders? Be there for her. A lot of times, helping someone else makes us feel better. After all, we’re doing something nice and hey – that feels good. Other times, you’ll find yourself thankful that you don’t have her problems!

Evaluate. Why are you in a bad mood? Examine your situation and consider your options. Make a plan of action. The first step of any action is the idea behind it. Think about what you can do to better your situation. Plan it out and then act!

Be Grateful. Remember this – things can almost always get worse. A lot of times we get worked up over things which, when we stop to really think about it, aren’t really that bad. Consider people worse off than you. Consider times you’ve had it tougher and yet you made it through, right?

Ask for help. If all else fails, ask for help. As I said, it feels good to help people. Allow someone else to feel good (you’re not selfish on top of miserable, are you?) and let them help you! Everyone needs help at some point, even if it’s just talking to an understanding friend. Don’t be afraid to ask.

What sorts of tips do you use to put yourself in a better mood?


  1. great post and very nice pic :D

  2. yeah i need a trip to the carribean; that will definately change my mood; thanks for the advice :)

  3. Anonymous7:34 PM

    This is good tips for releasing stress. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. damn, that's one pissed off penguin. i agree with evaluating the situation.. normally it turns out to be something small