Friday, December 31, 2010

7 Ways to Save Time in the Morning

I hate rushing around in the morning, with the specter of being late hanging over my head. Breakfast was a dry, cold Pop-Tart on my way out the door. I had enough of the stress and finally decided to straighten myself out. Here are 7 ways to save time in the morning.

1. Shower at night

Showering at night means you won’t have to blow your hair dry (unless you wet it again in the morning to style it). Imagine rolling out of bed, stretching, and … getting dressed! No waiting for hot water, no rushing through shampoo and conditioner.

2. Shave at night

I spend most of my shower time shaving my legs. If you shave at night, even if you decide to shower in the morning, think of how much time you’ll save!

3. Set your clothes out

How much time do you spend trying to decide what to wear? Or where you put your favorite black leggings? Or where that fringe handbag is, the one that matches your boots? If you decide at night, and set out all of your clothes, this is a hassle you won’t have to deal with.

4. Pack your lunch

Bringing your lunch to work saves a lot of money, but it also takes a lot of time in the morning. Pack your lunch at night, and you won’t have to worry about dripping grape jelly on your white blouse… or worse, having that nasty cup o’noodles from the vending machine.

5. Wake up 15 minutes earlier

Wake up 15 minutes earlierIf you’re never out the door on time, no matter what you try, take a deep breath and set the alarm for 15 or 20 minutes earlier than usual. These few minutes can make a big difference, and you won’t really be missing that much sleep!

6. Check the weather

You’re finally out the door… and it’s freezing/snowing/raining. Run back inside to grab an umbrella and coat, mittens… gah! Where’s the other boot! If you check the weather the night before, you won’t be rushing around in the morning looking for the things you’ll need for the hot or cold.

7. Make sure your tank is full

Okay, so you’ve finally made it out the door (again), and as you pull onto the freeway, your gas light comes on. Now you’ll have to stop for gas, which means you’ll probably spend more money than you otherwise would have, and you’ll be even later. If you make sure your tank is full the night before, you won’t have to worry about this either!

Use these tips and you may never have a rushed and stressful morning again! Have you figured out a way to make your mornings smoother? Please share!


  1. 15 minutes sleep in the morning isn't that much but it always FEELS like ages =P
    Think about those times you've woken up 15-20 minutes early naturally and you look at your clock and realize you still have 20 mins to sleep - that is one of my favorite feelings =)

  2. Ive hit the snooze at least 3/4 times every day this week. been late every day :(
    Maybe I could use these tips ;)
    Happy New Year

  3. i did the first 3 but you will still need to sort out your hair in the morning.

  4. All things I already do lol

  5. I actually cant do the first one o.O. Some reason even if I do take a shower at night, I get all greasy when I wake up, its freaking weird.