Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stress free in 10 mins

1. Do Nothing
At least once during the day, take 5 - 10 minutes to sit quietly and do
nothing. Focus on the sounds around you, your emotions and any tension in
your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, etc.

2. Laugh Out Loud
Keep something handy that makes you laugh. It could be a collection of your
favorite comic strips, or a funny eMail from, say, your child or a friend.
You could even take a few moments to think watching your favorite comedy
serial. Turn to this every so often during your day.

3. Tune In
When you face a daunting task, play soothing music - be it classical,
country or jazz. At work you can use the CD drive on your computer to keep
the music at the ready.

4. Think Happy
Focus on someone or something you care deeply about for anywhere from 15
seconds to 5 minutes. Or picture a scene from a peaceful vacation. A phrase
that makes you feel positive about yourself and the world can also work.

5. Hit The Road
Get up from your desk, the couch - wherever you may be - and take a 10
minute walk.

6. Breathe Easy
For 5 minutes, slow your breathing down to about 6 deep-belly breaths a
minute. In other words, inhale for about 5 seconds, exhale for about 5.

7. Rise Relaxed

Right before bed, and after the alarm goes off in the morning, take 5
minutes to relax your entire body. Start by tensing your toes; consciously
relax them. Move on to the muscles in your feet, and then your calves, upper
legs, move upwards until you end by scrunching up and then relaxing the
muscles in your face .

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