Wednesday, January 03, 2007


  • What film did you think had the most annoying, maddening, preposterous, disappointing, or idiotic ending?

I thought that the film Dhoom2 had a idiotic ending.

  • What is the most recent example in your life of something coming to an unexpected (or unwelcome) end and then turning into an even better beginning?

The fact that i did not want to goto gurudawara on new years, but i did and i ran into many old friends.

  • How do you feel about your rear end? (alternate question for those who think this is just far too inappropriate: How do you usually spend your sitting-around-on-your-rear-end days?)

I think mine is rather normal sized.

  • Some people read the endings of books before they invest time, energy, and emotion into the rest of them. What are your thoughts about this practice?

To each their own.

  • How would you like to end each day, and how do you actually end each day?

I would like to end each day without any problems like arguments or issues about who did or said what hanging in the air. Actually, i don't get to end it this way due to the differnce of personality and thinking between my husband and i

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