Tuesday, December 19, 2006

chana dish

  • 1 cup chana dal, dry

  •   a little oil

  •   1 tsp mustard seeds

  •   pinch of hing

  •   green chili, sliced into thin rings

  •   1/2" piece of ginger root, minced

  •   1 tsp urad dal

  •   curry leaves, pinched into pieces

  •   unsalted grated coconut, or coconut milk

  •   salt to taste

Soak the chana well, and drain.  It should be fairly moist, so don't drain it too well.
Heat the oil and mustard seeds till they begin to pop.  Add the hing, urad dal, and curry leaves.  Fry a moment, then add the chili and ginger.
Add the chana dal, coconut/coconut milk, and salt, and possibly a little water if needed, and cook covered till the dal is soft.
This is eaten by itself hot or cold, and makes a great side dish.

You can substitute basically any beans (easier with cooked; go with small, fast-cooking beans if using
dry (moong beans, dals, etc.).

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