Tuesday, July 29, 2003


So i told cyberpixels to update pp.com and it has yet to go into effect :-( oh well. i updated http://vibical.com yesterday and i think i'll update it tommrow again. I am starting to work on a button exchange and tommorw i have finals. it will be the last day of summer semester at college. I want to call my cousin and tell her to not worry about anything, and right now i don't feel like ever getting married beacuse if my dad and grampa are not going to be there then what is the point? i mean i know there is a point but it just isn't as great as i would hope it to be.. oh yea i will prolly be going to india in the winter around december.. I don't know the details yet, hopefully i will in the next couple of days.
I really miss my dad, its quite unfiar to me somehow a part of me doesn't really understand it but another part of me understands. and i miss my grandfather, he told the best stories, and i wish i was 5 when the world was a great place to be and everything was okay and the only stress i had was choosing crayons to write on the wall with...
wat a life eh?

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