Sunday, January 20, 2002

What obscure animal are you?
More on Albino Crows:

Albino Crows are just like regular crows only white
The only type of crow rarer than an albino crow is a caramel crow, which is half albino and is, like it's name, caramel coloured.
Crows are amazingly intelligent and in some places (Tokyo for instance) they can become a nuisance as they will make games out of teasing people (dropping stones on their heads for example)
Crows don't make good pets at all. Unlike most animals they will never ever trust you and will always remain wild
Crows do make good pets, however, if you meet them young enough and don't cage them. In fact they are actually very interesting pets and have strong personalities. However they are migratory and probably wouldn't return once they fly away with a flock.
Crows (and also ravens and magpies) can learn human speech even better than parrots!!
Crows left in a cage will become demented ;_; Don't put crows in cages!

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