Friday, January 11, 2002

I only have weird dreams,.

i had this really weird dream,. that i was running in the snow, in the woods and i was running to save time and to hurry,. then all the sudden i stopped. And realized i was lost. Then i looked around and in the center of a circle of trees was a there was a soft glow person, and so i jogged over to ask him "how do i get out," and he said "play it though, then get out. your almost done,. so close, you see? Here the trees are thinner, this is the lighter wood, you can almost feel your own way out,..don't loose heart now. . but you can't finish a game when its not done. you have to complete it. its only fair right.?" then i nooded and looked up at him, and then i was on a hill, not quite out of the forest, and he below and i waved and he waved back, and then the dream was over..

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