Wednesday, April 18, 2001

The Best Ways To Annoy People On The Subway

-Stick your feet way out into the aisles when sitting down. Extra points if you're wearing clown shoes.

-Take large objects on the train with you.

-Sing songs. Start a round with everyone on the train.

-Eat onions and garlic and talk to the people next to you.

-Sell stuff.

-Stand in front of the doorway and glare at people when they try to get by.

-Yell to your friends at the other end of the train.

-Make fun of other people while they are in hearing distance of you.

-Ride the train while drunk. Extra points if you throw up.

-Constantly ask people for directions.

-Ask people where they are from.

-Ask people where they are going.

-Quiz people on the meaning of life.

-Start a game of poker. Extra points if it's strip poker.

-Start a game of tag. Extra points if it's strip tag.

-Start a game of Twister.

-Use a cell phone. Talk loudly.

-Turn your headphones up to 120 decibels and then complain loudly that they just don't make headphones loud enough anymore.

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